We are the Change.
An ESG Certification Consultancy to create meaningful impact, everyday.

“The Shifting Tide is Coming – How ESG is changing business, moving markets and driving regulation”

ESG is as important to us as the internet was to businesses in the late 90’s. It is a question of adaptability. The shifting tide is coming where the way people do business will change from the archaic profit first mentality to the more sustainable future mentality, involving the transformation to a stakeholder capitalism model. We must not merely depend on those in power to bring about change, but we ourselves must be the change.


The global landscape is aggressively embracing ESG and sustainability as a top business agenda to drive the core of major businesses and Malaysia is taking the cue to kickstart these initiatives. ESG certification will help businesses demonstrate serious and measurable commitments towards sustainability. Zerin Habiat will help you lead in the sustainable business space and can use your certification to secure more attractive and favorable business financing, as well as become the preferred brand for customers, investors, and talent.

“Why Get Certified
with Us”

At the Zerin Group of Companies, we aspire to be industry visionaries - real estate advisor of choice to successful individuals and companies, to deliver the gold standard of real estate services. ESG is important to us as it provides us an avenue to make a lasting impact not just on the lives of our employees but the lives of all Malaysians


The implementation of sustainable practices can help your business to streamline productivity and achieve cost efficiency that simultaneously reduces the negative impact on the environment. It will lead to your business to uncover opportunities that will unlock new value. And with the recent climate change driven natural disasters, pandemic, and global politics, businesses need to accelerate the transformation towards a more sustainable and resilient long term business model.

How Can We Help You?

Consultancy - Formulating the Strategy

We will help you to align adaptable ESG practices to drive the core of your business in the short-term implementation to achieve predetermined long-term goals.

Reporting and Disclosure – Benchmarking the Business Standards

We will help you establish comparable ESG data that is in line with a globally harmonized disclosure standards and continuously update these standards based on the updated current policy responses.

Implementation – Synergizing the Business

We will help your business create new value propositions for your stakeholders through ESG programs, identifying training needs and designing an education plan customized to your organizations business model and operational requirements.


Our Scope of Services

O1 ESG Contextualisation and Customization

  • Understanding the client’s priorities and aligning specific ESG propositions to the client’s organization
  • Engaging the client’s stakeholder ecosystem and developing an ESG framework and strategy
  • Meeting ESG reporting and compliance requirements
  • ESG Benchmarking (GRESB etc.)

O2Environmental Components

  • Towards Net Zero Energy strategies
  • Towards Net Zero Water strategies
  • Towards Net Zero Carbon strategies
  • Waste Management & Towards zero landfill contribution strategies
  • Green Supply Chain strategies
  • Green Building Certification & associated green funding/grants
  • Digital Twin for efficient Facility Management

O3Social Components

  • Human Capital engagement, awareness and training
  • Tenant engagement, awareness and training
  • Supplier engagement, awareness and training
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) strategies
  • Community Impact Strategies

O4Governance Components

  • Board composition and refreshment strategies
  • Aligning ESG reporting initiatives with stakeholder interests
  • Supply chain resilience
  • ESG transparency and accountability
  • Developing robust risk management strategies, including climate risks assessment

About Zerin Properties

Zerin Properties was founded on 14 January 2002 by Previndran Singhe with a team of only 5 persons.

In less than two decades, we have quickly established a reputation as the real estate dealmaker in the region, and evolved into one of Asia’s leading, award-winning real estate agencies.


At Zerin Properties, we aspire to be industry visionaries. We aim to be the real estate advisor of choice to successful individuals and companies, to deliver the gold standard of real estate services. Zerin Properties is a Registered and Licensed Real Estate Agency with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents, Malaysia.